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Why I Love Riley

Hi!  Newbie here.  I never thought I'd actually find a community dedicated to loving Riley Finn but alas, I found this one.  Riley has received a lot of hate since he and Buffy hooked up but I totally love the dude.  I can understand why some people might dislike the guy but I just wanted to give my reasons for liking the character:

1) Riley can be paired up with basically anyone in the Buffyverse and Angelverse as long as it's written well.  I love pairing him up with Faith and Dawn just because it will make Buffy squirm.  I like Buffy with him too.
2) The character has a great potential to develop and does not have too much info on his past that fic writers can take a lot liberty in writing him.
3) The character is redeemable.
4) The character has that all American good boy look but has a potential for danger which is so attractive.

There's more but I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead...

So what are your reasons for liking Soldier Boy?

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